About me

Clare Whitmell

English Coach

I’ve taught English for more than 20  years. I specialise in quick coaching programs to help people get fast results.

I believe that you can do a lot with a little English. Let me show you the “short cuts” – ways to help you speak more fluently and confidently – whatever your level of grammar or vocabulary.


My teaching approach

Most of the people I help have already learned English grammar rules and memorised vocabulary. What’s missing is being able to speak real English and to take part with confidence in a conversation.

That’s where I help.

I can teach you what native speakers really say and do. I’ll show you the short sentences, “fixed phrases”, idioms and phrasal verbs that are so common in everyday communication.

And because I have over 20 years’ teaching experience, I can also give you short cuts and tips which really work – and which help you speak more confidently and fluently in less time.

  • Speak the real English of native English speakers – not “textbook” English
  • Copy my standard British English pronunciation, understood worldwide
  • Use real English vocabulary and phrases like idioms and phrasal verbs – all in the right context
  • Discover English learning tips and short-cuts that will save you years of frustration

About me

The first language I learned was French. I loved the magic of being able to communicate with other people in a language that wasn’t my own.

But it wasn’t always easy. When you learn a language from a book, you don’t always know the right phrases to do things like order a coffee or ask about train times…

When I moved to Italy, I could use some of my French knowledge, but it was really difficult to understand my colleagues.

I felt like a child again – unable to communicate easily. I was embarrassed to speak in Italian, because I didn’t have the words or phrases to explain myself.

That’s why my coaching and speaking programs focus on giving you the essentials to communicate – so you don’t feel ashamed or frightened of speaking in English.

You don’t need to have a perfect knowledge to communicate well. And you don’t need a long English course, either.

Let me show you what to learn, so you can feel confident quickly!

Join my email course today and I’ll show you five, super-useful phrases that you can use in many different situations to sound fluent and natural.



“Clare has really helped me with her relevant and useful tips. She is very precise and clear, which helps me improve my speaking. Little by little, I feel more and more confident.”— ARANTZAZUSPAIN

“Clare is a very nice person. She helps me with my English grammar and speaking which gives a greater help for my office work.”— JUANNAHONG KONG

“Because my mother tongue isn’t English, I have often encountered minor doubts, to which Clare jumped in to my rescue.”— JEEVANINDIA

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