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Emergency English Coaching

When you’re in a hurry to improve your English!

You’re smart, busy and ambitious. But you have a problem – an “English” problem.

To go further in your career – to get a better job or a promotion – you need English. Maybe you have a job interview, or you need to make a presentation or speak in public.

Or maybe you’re worried that you can’t do your new job well because you can’t communicate in English. You think people will judge you and your professionalism based on your English level.

This is where I help.

I believe two very important things…

1. English should NOT stop you from reaching your goal. It shouldn’t be an obstacle to your career growth.

After all, you can already do your job. You’re a professional with experience and skills.


2. You don’t need to be PERFECT in English to reach your goals or do your job well.


Real Case Studies

One recent client is a top-level sports coach. He’s an important person with a lot of responsibility, but he’s worried that in his new post, he won’t be able to communicate well in English to his players, club staff, or journalists at press conferences.

He doesn’t need to speak English perfectly, but he has to communicate clearly. He needs to be able to respond immediately, without making embarrassing mistakes.

Here’s an example of another client. He’s a teacher who has a competition to get a new job. He has to answer questions in English for about 5 minutes. He needs a B2 level of English, but he’s currently at a B1 level and the competition is a month away.

He feels overwhelmed that there’s so much to learn to get to the right level – and time is running out.

This is where my coaching helps.

Let me show you where you can make the biggest impact in your English. For example:

– the most important grammar or pronunciation errors to correct (and what you don’t need to know now)

– the vocabulary and phrases to communicate clearly and sound more professional

I focus on showing you quick, easy “wins” and fixes that take your English to the level you need.

Think of it as 1% improvements – the small things that make a huge difference. Lots of 1% improvements add up to a much better overall level of English.

So, are YOU ready to make an impact with your English?

If you’re facing an English challenge – a new job, an interview, a presentation or public speaking, and you feel scared, embarrassed or overwhelmed, contact me for a 20-minute FREE consultation.

Book your consultation here!

“Because English should not hold you back in your career” – Clare Yes – I’m ready for this

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